Free Range Local Pork

Oink oink! Free Range Local Pork Happy pigs make better quality meat!

That’s why we select our free range pork from farms around west sussex and surrey, we work closely with the farmers who share our belief that the welfare of the pigs produce a better product. Large white’s dominate our breed selection, the slow and careful rearing make this breed an excellent choice for delicious texture, flavour and the all important crackling. Pork has been a stable for the nation for centurys and at Rawlings we embrace this.

Every inch of our pork is used to produce fantastic products including Pies, sausages, faggots, bacon & Hams, even the ears are roasted daily for treats for your dog’s!

Home Made Traditional Sausages:

Rawlings is renowned for our extensive and ever changing sausage selection!

Firm customer favourite is our all natural ‘Collins’ Sausages made everyday in Cranleigh for over 100 years, named after its original creator Mr Collins, a pork butcher from cranleighs past. After Mr Collins hung up his knives Mr Rawlings bought the original secret recipe and to this day is still the most popular variety.

We believe that simplicity is the key to a good sausage, good quality pork, fresh seasoning and bread rusk, combined in such a way that the end product is succulent, tasty and satisfying. Other popular flavours include Old English with black pepper and sage, Pork And Leek, Pork And Local watercress, Local Lamb and Mint, Garlic & Chilli and Black pudding and wild mushroom.

Our sausages have been entered into numerous competitions and won many awards, don’t take our word for it come along and see what seasonal variety is available and try for yourself!

Home Cured Bacon:

Bacon! The Nations Favourite breakfast! weather it be smoked or green, back or streaky we stock the whole range.

Using the same free range pork we serve in the shop we cure our own ‘Sussex black’ which is a careful blend of black treacle and spices producing a sweet smoky flavour, we have old school smoked thick sliced with the rind left on for added bite! and of course thin crispy flavoursome streaky bacon.

No added water here, when you cook our bacon you will notice the difference straight away, a million miles from water pumped supermarket imitations.