1You cant beat your local butcher when it comes to BBQ’s! Its our passion!

Nothing teases the taste buds like a juicy steak sizzling on the barbie and its no exceptions at Rawlings. We stock a vast variety of kebabs with every marinade imaginable.

Try our 28 day matured Rib eye for full flavour or our Cote De Beouf left on the bone for extra succulence.

Beef burgers with seasoned bone marrow throughout, Sweet mint lamb kebabs, Smoky BBQ Pork Fillet Kebabs, Garlic & Herb Spatchcock chickens and tender pork ribs, We can personalise the meat to suit your taste.

If BBQ are not your speciality then we can cook it for you, we provide excellent outside catering and have many years experience cooking hog roasts, Lamb roasts and BBQ’s.