Our Quality Scotch Beef

Raising the steaks! Quality Scotch Beef You will always know where your Scotch Beef has come from, full traceability provides peace of mind from field to fork.

We believe the lush pastures of Scotland make for some of the best beef in the world The specialist breeds of livestock that produce Scotch Beef are specifically selected for the flavoursome meat they provide, added to that our traditional methods of hanging and expertly prepared cuts mean that every mouthful is testament to the quality you would expect.

We dry age our beef on the bone for at least 3 weeks, an age-old process which helps the meat become tender for the table. We prepare all our meat on-site and provide every cut imaginably. Steaks are our speciality, cote de boeuf (rib eye on the bone) mouth-watering T-Bones and tender succulent sirloins are among customer favourites.

Fantastic English Rose Veal

As well as fantastic beef we also serve Fantastic English Rose Veal!

The veal, which is sourced from RSPCA Freedom Food accredited farms in the West Country, won a Compassion in World Farming.

Veal has become a customer favourite with calf liver becoming a meal time regular! If you have never tried this tender treat before come down and ask our butchers for advice and tips on cooking!

Scotch Beef